Good Friday 2024

Every year, Living Hope holds a special service on the Friday night before Easter to remember the Passion, or sufferings, of our Lord. It is a great mystery that we would not only remember the day the Son of God was put to death by the hands of wicked men, but also recognize this day “good.” 

Friday, March 29th
Service begins at 7 PM

We invite you to join us for this time of somber reflection and consider why it was necessary that the Christ suffer before his subsequent glory. 

At the special worship service we will read the biblical accounts of Christ’s betrayal, his Passion, and his ultimate death. We will also sing songs of lament and sadness, pray together, and listen to a brief homily from Pastor Jimmy.

At the conclusion of the service, we will file out in silent reflection as we turn our attention to anticipation for Easter joy.

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