Living Hope is a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Our Officers (Minister, Ruling Elders, and Deacons) take vows to sincerely receive and adopt the system of doctrine contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Westminster Larger Catechism and the Westminster Shorter Catechisms. For more information visit opc.org.


Rev. Jimmy Apodaca

Pastor Jimmy was called to Living Hope in March 2022, becoming her first Pastor since the change in name and denomination. He and his wife, Korina, are Southern California natives and most recently lived in the Temecula Valley. After ministering for several years in a non-denominational church, Pastor Jimmy began his pursuit of Reformed ministry by attending Westminster Seminary California, where he earned his Mdiv. Before being called by Living Hope, he also served as a ruling elder and then Associate Minister at Providence Presbyterian Church in Temecula, CA. Jimmy and Korina have four daughters, all pictured.

Ruling Elders

Rob Chapa


Dave Perrigan

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